Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

I live a balanced lifestyle, staying fit, happy, and healthy, all while having fun and making the most out of every day….and I love helping others do the same.
I have earnt my Cert III and Cert IV in Group Fitness and Personal Training which gives me the opportunity to encourage and watch our members grow, becoming the healthiest and happiest version of themselves! I do this through teaching group fitness classes, interacting while working at reception, and personal training in person and online. If any new or existing members need guidance in their fitness journey I am here to help.

Favourite quote: “Do what makes you happy on the inside”


Membership Services Coordinator

Fitness is in my blood!!! For all of my life, I have lived a very healthy lifestyle with a passion for fitness and a desire to help direct others down that same path. With over 25 years experience as a fitness professional, I am highly passionate about the industry. I have forged a successful career as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Business owner. I thrive on the challenge of helping clients and members achieve their personal goals. As their mentor, I love nothing more than to help guide and encourage my clients to be the best version of themselves. Their success is my reward – to see the results of their hard work is what keeps me motivated to support my clients.


Personal Trainer

I am the proud owner of “Corey’s Community of Stronger Living” and my goal is to help individuals become the strongest and best version of themselves not only in the gym, but outside the gym as well.

I help people achieve this through the use of various training techniques (most notably strength training) and using these not only as a tool to strengthen your body, but also your mind. Utilising the principles of training in the gym as a tool to improve your lifestyle outside of the gym, creating a healthier and stronger way of living. I also provide nutritional guidance and dietary advice, helping individuals find what works for THEM as that is a great challenge. I am also a life coach, helping individuals through personal issues outside of the gym as that is one of, if not the most important part of someone’s training journey in my eyes.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, a stronger way of living is always achievable, especially with me in your corner helping you battle through this tremendous journey.


Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

Sunday’s interest in fitness started when she was young and quickly developed into a passion. She participated in many sports as a child and started group fitness instructing over 20 years ago.

Sunday has worked in many gyms around Australia and loved every minute of helping people achieve their goals. She loves to move and strongly believes that some sort of physical activity each day allows us to have a clear mind, sleep better and to look and feel better. Helping people to move and create change, so they can prioritise an active and healthy life in order to live life to the fullest is her goal.

Sunday’s favourite classes to teach at Revolution Health & Fitness are Les Mills Body Balance and Body Pump. Come and work up a sweat with her in a Body Blitz class or catch her on the reception desk on Saturday morning.


Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist

Health and Fitness has been a major part of my life. I’ve grown up playing sport from an early age and am currently playing Rugby League for Tweed Seagulls.

I love the gym environment to not only support footy but to balance life outside of rugby league.

I have completed my cert 3 and 4 in fitness, with a keen interest to study Strength and Conditioning further.

I love to help others by sharing my knowledge and experiences, so they achieve their own health and fitness goals.

Stop and say hi when you’re next in, and if I can be of any assistance – please don’t hesitate asking me!


Remedial Massage Therapist/Strength & Conditioning Coach

John has been working in the Health and Fitness industry for 15 Years as a Personal Trainer, Gym owner, Remedial Massage Therapist and College Lecturer.

John believes that learning and perfecting our fundamentals in the gym can have us training pain free for life. His time on the gym floor is often spent helping experienced lifters fine tune their little technique discrepancies.

Inside the clinic he works with clients to assess strength mobility concerns, and creates a rehab plan around soft tissue therapy (massage), dry needling and corrective exercise.

Have issues that won’t budge OR want to take your training to the next level?